If you have never been around an Amish community, understanding the Amish heritage and how it has shaped modern Amish life can be confusing. The Amish have their roots in the Anabapist Movement, coming to the United States in search of a place to freely practice their Christian beliefs. The Amish way of life is faith based, and family centered. A humble life, plain dress, and a desire to remain self reliant are all parts of the Amish Culture. Amish homes do not have electricity. Cars are not allowed. Phones are not allowed in the home. Many of these rules were in place in Amish communities one hundred years ago. The dress is much the same today as it was then. Modern Amish families work hard to maintain this simple way of life, while in many cases running businesses that require the use of technology to compete in today’s marketplace. The cornerstones of Amish life are Faith, Family, and hard work. Amish people are hard working, happy, productive folks who enjoy what they do. Farming, along with Carpentry, and other skilled trades are talents passed down from generation to generation. Improving on a mechanical process while keeping old world standards of quality is something many Amish Craftsmen work on every day.

Amish traditions and modern business practices work harmoniously together.

As they have built businesses that come in more and more contact with the modern world, the Amish have worked hard at maintaining their way of life while using some necessary modern technology. At the end of the day, they basically leave work at work, in terms of technology. At home, they concentrate on faith and family without the interruptions of modern life such as TV, radio, computers, electricity, or phones in the house. Whether in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Indiana, where most Amish communities are located, you will find friendly smiles, warm homes, fine craftsmanship, and a fair price for a long hard day’s work. Even in today’s world, this way of life thrives with such strong values as cornerstones.