Spring is here and it’s a Perfect Time to see how the Old Barn is aging

Spring is here and it’s a Perfect Time to see how the Old Barn is aging

Precise Buildings recommends the following checks be made to your barn each spring. Please give us a call if you need help with an inspection. Precise Buildings would perform an inspection an give you a detailed description of what needs to be repaired or we can give you a quote on a full restoration.

• Take a look at the siding. Main things you should be looking for are missing pieces and if you have missing siding this needs to be replaced immediately. Take a look at the paint, is it looking distressed, peeling, faded, these are all signs of wear.

• While your outside of the barn move far enough away to be able to view the ridgeline. There are a few things you need to be looking for, is the ridgeline straight?, is there a sag in the ridgeline? If you are seeing a sag this might point to a roof repair. While you are checking the ridgeline another thing you need to take a look at is, do you see a riffle in the shingles over the purlin, if you do this might be a sign that the sidewall posts have bottom decay and that the sidewalls are settling.

• Gutters are another important part to the longevity of your barn. If the gutters are damaged in any way they must be replaced immediately. While you are looking at the gutters and making sure they are working properly this would be a good time to check the grading around your barn. Is the grading done properly to allow water to flow away from the barn.

• An easy way to check to see how your barn is holding up is to check the corners, are they plumb, if they are not there is probably a problem with the framing that will need to be addressed.

• Go inside the barn an look up at the roof. In bright sunlight you should notice any signs of damaged that needs to be repaired.

• This is a good time to also look for water damage. If you notice black stains this is indication of long-term water damaged and this type of leak might have caused serious damaged. If you notice white stains this is indication of a more recent leak and the damaged should not be as serve, however it still needs to be taken care of.

• Check for sill rot. This is also a serious situation and needs to be addresses immediately.

• Check the basement for dampness or signs of water damage. Excessive dampness can cause serious damage to a wooden frame. Dampness generally can be addressed with proper ventilation. You should also check the supporting posts to make sure they are on solid footers. Check the floor joists for decay.

• The foundation is also something you should pay close intention to. Are there any cracks? Is there sections were pieces have fallen out? Check to see if there is any inward curving.

If these checks are performed, you will have a pretty good idea the shape of your barn this spring. Please give Precise Buildings a call with concerns and issues that you find, and we work with you to formulate a plan to have your barn new again in no time.