Anthony Labriola Indoor Arena

    This past December I had the pleasure of hosting the crew of “Precise Buildings LLC.” to bring one of my long time dreams to life. I hired “Precise Buildings” to build an indoor arena on my ranch and through harsh December weather, snowstorms, and a pressing time line of only 6 weeks to complete the project, I have the utmost respect and couldn’t be more amazed with the hard work and dedication presented by this crew. As the owner of a new york city based Construction Company myself, I know what it takes to complete a job such as this and with a small crew of immensely skilled craftsmen working day in and day out they finally brought my dream to life. I have always admired the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the Amish community which is why I sought out “Precise Buildings,” and to have them spend the duration of the project living on the property with us and going to dinner together each night, not only did I get the greatest quality of work I could have asked for, but I also got to learn so much more about the Amish community and the lifelong training this skilled young team has gone through to get where they are today. Jr and the crew have an incredible work ethic and persevered through the harshest conditions to meet their deadline. John Fisher, the owner of the company made communication throughout the entire project easy and enjoyable, and was available to address any of my needs along the way. I look forward to doing future work with John,” Precise Buildings LLC”, Jr and his crew.

    Anthony Labriola