Devon Horse Show going virtual

Devon Horse Show going virtual

This time of the year the Devon Horse show would be drawing over 100,000 people for the oldest multi-breed horse competition in Chester County, not this year, COVID-19 took care of that. The fairgrounds will see no crowds this week.

Devon Horse Show however is a lot more than a horse show and fair. The show has been a major supporter over the years for Bryn Mawr Hospital, with the show raising an average of 400,000 during the week.

With the COVID-19 putting even more stress on hospitals Devon Horse Show knew they had to make sure they still were able to help the Bryn Mawr Hospital in some way. Eileen Devine, the co-chair of the fair, said that the workers still wanted to contribute and help the hospital all that they could.

Eileen and her staff stepped up and made it happen. They decided to organize a food drive for the frontline workers, and they will be holding an online fundraiser were the money will go to making hot breakfasts for hospital workers. While they know they are probably not going to raise as much as money as normal they are still working hard to give all they can.

Thank you, Eileen and your staff, for all that you are doing.